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Heaven X remembers ‘Leaders’ of Change on New Track — WEAREYMX

Heaven X, the LA based rapper who has also produced this new track, pays homage to inspiring heroes with beats that put you in a trance. On the track, the rapper begins with remembering human rights activist Malcom X which immediately sets the tone for the song. The flawless flow of the rap is only interrupted by clips from interviews where the rapper talks about leadership. These small clips bring the song into focus and help illustrate what Heaven X wishes to achieve with this tribute. “For

Seek Warmth’s Debut Album ‘Minor Peace’ Echoes on Simple Things — WEAREYMX

The album opens with ‘Gather/Howl’, a track that calls for self-reflection with lyrics that repeat ‘now the tired mirror, tells it like is.’ With ‘Pillar to Post’ the album picks up pace. There’s a certain nostalgia about the music that seek warmth creates, guess that’s where the ‘warmth’ comes from because as you venture deeper into the album that’s what you start to feel in your chest. Vocalists Paul and Jay who started the band in Bristol, let the music take centre stage but they don’t get

Nikki Manos' new album 'Rebel's Twilight' is a cinematic experience — WEAREYMX

Released in June 2022, Nikki Manos’ latest album ‘Rebel Twilight’ is a seamless musical experience where each song ties smoothly into the next. The narration flows like a movie which makes this album not just a collection of tracks but a living body of work. The album begins with a conversational prologue that transitions into Manos’ version of the Bob Dylan classic ‘Rambler Gambler’. ‘The Trail’ is based on the cowboy folk song ‘Trail to Mexico’ where the singer makes up his mind to leave and

Worry that '70% of chippies may close' as price of cod skyrockets

Nottingham’s chippies are struggling as the cost of fish has increased ‘drastically’, leaving owners and customers wondering what will happen in the future. The price of cod has gone up from £9 per kilo at the beginning of the year to about £29 per kilo, partly due to sanctions against Russia. The banned ships from Russia supplied about 40% of cod imports to the UK. The increase in demand and price of fish from non-Russian fisheries has given a rise to a three-fold increase. Like those across t

yours Sings About Feeling Empty on New Track ‘In the Morning’ — WEAREYMX

This new track by Yours is the kind of song you listen to every day, on your way to Uni or work until you get sick of it. On the track, Yours talks about words left unsaid, being left behind, feeling like you’re slipping away and empty with ‘nothing left to give’ when the fog clears. Behind Yours is Jourdan Harper, who is a medical doctor and works in a hospital, but in his free time likes to express himself through his music. The hypnotising beats were produced by the multitalented singer-song

Burger bar closes early to let staff enjoy sun

It’s the hottest day of year so far in Nottingham and one shop is really feeling the heat. Temperatures were expected to peak under 31C around 3pm, and one eatery in Nottingham is letting their staff go home early this afternoon. Nissi Gourmet Burgers on Wollaton Street is usually open seven days a week from 10am - 8pm but this is what they posted on their social media this morning The owner of Nissi Gourmet Burgers, who didn’t want to be named, feels the staff need an escape from the kitchen o

Bid to build homes in area 'almost like a jungle' welcomed

Locals are concerned over new houses and apartments proposal in ‘packed’ residential area in Sneinton. The proposed houses and apartments will surround the Burrow’s Court Tower, which is a nineteen-storey building, built in 1967 and comprises of 130 occupied flats. A meeting will be held by the Planning Committee on June 22 2022 where the plans for this development will be discussed among others. In May, the decision was postponed due to several issues including financial and technical viabilit

'Chaotic' parking where motorists drive 'like there is no tomorrow'

A community in Beeston has voiced their anger over "chaotic" traffic near a school. Neighbours living near the Alderman Pounder Infant & Nursery School said drivers go down on Eskdale Drive "like there is no tomorrow" - and double-parked cars often block the view on the narrow road. It comes as a police officer attended the location on drop-off and pick-up times in response to a complaint. Lucy Weston, 43, from Chilwell said: "It's very bad in front of the school. Even I am struggling to see wh

Sadness over plans to turn 'really popular' chippy into housing

A town has been saddened after plans came to light for a chippy that was once "really popular" to be converted into housing. If the new proposal for the Humber Road Chippy on Humber Road, Beeston is approved and implemented, the shop would be converted into a house in multiple occupation (HMO). A house in multiple occupation (HMO) is a property rented out by at least three people who are not from one 'household' but share facilities like the bathroom and kitchen. When contacted by Nottinghamshi

Fears housing plan will add to 'parking chaos' on street

People on a city street have voiced concerns that new flats would increase the 'parking chaos' in the area. The proposal would see the partial demolition and extension of the former Garners building in Hall Street, Sherwood, to form 13 flats for Nottingham City Council’s Assisted Living programme. The development would provide housing for vulnerable adults and this is supported by the Council’s Commissioning and Procurement Team. The project has been recommended for approval at Nottingham City

Makram Slips Into Youth Nostalgia on ‘Young Again’ — WEAREYMX

Released in February this year, the track showcases Makram’s vocal and musical soundness even if he’s only at the beginning of his career. Young Again begins with the singer wondering where time went and goes on to touch upon the feeling of getting older with the baggage of past mistakes. Makram remembers a time when he would never ‘let the dust settle in’ and ‘go where the wind blows’. He wishes he could go back into the past, to a time when social media was not the main focus of one’s journey

Excitement over hotel bid on wasteland 'sitting there useless'

Henry Mein Partnership Ltd are seeking plan approval for a new hotel to be built at an unused site on Mansfield Road. The site has remained empty for almost 17 years since the previous hotel was demolished in 2005. According to their plan, it will be a 26-bedroom hotel in a three-storey building with rooms in the roof. It will include an on-site parking with 11 parking spaces as well as 2 accessible spaces near the entrance. The front of the building will look onto the A60 Mansfield Road. The

New steakhouse planned but some want more vegan options

A new steakhouse is being planned to open in Nottingham, but some residents have said they would like to see more vegetarian or vegan options in the city centre. A licensing application has been submitted by Tomahawk Steakhouse for the premises on Low Pavement where Carluccios used to be. Tomahawk Steakhouse is a chain of specialist steakhouses and bar, which also serves beef, fish, vegetarian options and cocktails. If the application is approved, 30 jobs would be created and the steakhouse wou

Freddie Fiction’s New Track ‘Lie to Me’ Captures Denial in Love With a Catchy Melody — WEAREYMX

You’ll find yourself humming the addictive tune for hours after a mere first listen to Freddie Fiction’s latest track ‘Lie to Me’. The singer-songwriter who released his first single, which focused on the Black Lives Matter movement ‘Just Let Me Breathe’ in December 2020, is back with a catchy pop anthem this summer. Even with sombre lyrics about how one wishes to survive in love even if it’s on lies, the catchy production on the track makes it perfect to blast during your beach trip. ‘Lie to M

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